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Water Drops


The Groundwater Management Area 9 (GMA-9), includes all or part of 9 counties in the Texas Hill Country, was established in 2002. The Texas Water Development Board created 16 Groundwater Management Areas across Texas, each with a number of groundwater conservation districts (GCDs) included in their boundaries.  

Current Joint Planning Documents 

There have been three major planning cycles for GMA-9. At the links below, you will find all of the documentation for these planning efforts. The 4th Joint Planning Cycle is in progress.

  • 4th Joint Planning Cycle - 2026

  • 3rd Joint Planning Cycle - 2021

  • 2nd Joint Planning Cycle - 2015

  • 1st Joint Planning Cycle - 2010

Document with Pen.png
Prior Joint Planning Documents 
Document with Pen.png
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