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Water Drops


The Groundwater Management Area 9 (GMA-9), includes all or part of 9 counties in the Texas Hill Country, was established in 2002. The Texas Water Development Board created 16 Groundwater Management Areas across Texas, each with a number of groundwater conservation districts (GCDs) included in their boundaries.  

Current Planning Documents 

The 2026, 4th joint planning cycle is in progress. As documents are made available you will find them here.
GMA-9 - 2021 Explanatory Report for Desired Future Conditions for Major and Minor Aquifers

3rd Cycle (2021) *Submitted to the TWDB, in TWDB Review Process*

Aquifers and DFC Chart.png
Set of Reports.png
Document 1.png

TWDB's Administratively Complete Letter

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